Bold, Bright, and Unique this Summer With a One-of-a-Kind Style

Bold, Bright, and Unique this Summer With a One-of-a-Kind Style
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We are each as unique, funky, and gorgeous as the colors of the clothes we wear.  We use fashion to express our hearts, desires, personalities, and quirks.  We are bold, bright and unique.  Say it through our clothes.

Each color can so say so much about us.  Read on for how to express your own unique, wonderful vibe with colors in fashion.


Blue:  A calming, gentle color.  Denim jeans can express a chill, common sense attitude.  Maybe a baby blue sundress is a free-spirited, serene choice.  A navy blazer projects a quiet confidence. However, teal accessories scream fun and lively soul.  A wispy, periwinkle wrap gives an airy, prophetic vibe (Aquarius mood anyone?).


Orange:  This shade is the life of the party.  The color of warm sunshine and zesty citrus, orange livens up any outfit with a hint of heat and joy.  An orangish sweater staves off the chill of fall for another day while reflecting the majestic colors of autumn.  Have you ever tried orange pants? This fashion shows that you take fashion orders from no one.  A chic orange heel gives a Parisian pop to an otherwise simple outfit.


Black:  Black means business, but knows how to have a good time, too.  A timeless staple, the little black dress can send any message, depending on how you style and accessorize it.  A black suit shows that you’re ready to take on (and over) the world.  Black pumps go with any look from daytime to night wear and tell the world that you have your life together.


White:  Traditionally a symbol of purity, white also shows that you really know how to rock your laundry.  A crisp, white top can hardly be beaten for a chic daytime look that screams elegance.   White paired with colorful accessories has a positive, funky vibe that remains professional and put-together.


Pink:  This color has traditionally been viewed as a feminine shade, but it can be edgy and subversive, too.  Rock a hot pink top to send some retro 80s and 90s girl power vibes.  You can pair pale and pastel pinks with deconstructed grey pieces for an edgier, more masculine take on the color.  Coral clothing reflects an air of confidence with a youthful, exotic edge.


Yellow:  Much like orange, yellow is another color that is full of joy and life.  There is a hue of yellow for everyone, be it lemon bright or a muted mustard.  Bright yellow communicates a creative spirit that isn’t afraid to take risks.  Muted yellows and ambers have a warm, wholesome vibe that feels like home and a mug of hot tea.  A yellow ensemble can make you feel like you’re ready to climb a mountain or write your autobiography.


There are so many more colors, and combinations of colors, you can wear, but this is just an introduction to remind you that can use fashion to appear however you wish. Like Comfort Enoz, you communicate whatever vibe or energy you are feeling.  You are bold, bright, and unique. Say it through your clothes.


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