How to style your Comfort Enoz denim jacket

How to style your Comfort Enoz denim jacket
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Sometimes the best way to freshen up your style is to take notes from the past. Any millennial can tell you that the character of the ‘80s, the eccentricity of the ‘90s, and the minimalism of the early-2000s has fused to create today’s brand of street fashion, and a good denim jacket is a must-have to tie it all together. Whether you’re all about leather and texture, color and pattern, understated gaudiness, your personal style has a place in today’s fashion landscape.


A long cemented wardrobe staple, a denim jacket can be classed up or dressed down depending on what the occasion calls for, and we’ve compiled a few tips to help you express your own personal style while keeping up with the times.


  1. Don’t shy away from eye-catching accessories

A simpler denim jacket can serve as a great base on which to build your outfit. For dressier events, try layering gold necklaces of varying lengths with popular charms like crosses or coins at the ends. These can complement the simplicity of your jacket, and dress up minimalistic outfit elements like a slinky slip dress or a pair of tapered slacks.

For a more casual vibe, embrace a pair of chunky hoops or a patterned hat with a simple tank top or T-shirt to enhance your denim-centric look, making your jacket the star of the show. There’s nothing more versatile than a jacket like this one, so don’t be afraid to pair it with all kinds of outfits.


  1. Make bold color choices

It’s never the wrong time of year to look like a ray of sunshine. Have a little fun while evolving your look and grab a denim jacket with bright accents. Go maximalist and layer the jacket over a complementary bright outfit to achieve a Miami style outfit. For dressier occasions, think shiny hot pants, a bold bodysuit, or bright chinos.

Slip on a pair of vivid heels or boots that will balance out your jacket while maintaining the bold aesthetic. If you want to keep it more low key, go for your favorite sneakers with fun, colorful or patterned socks and cutoff shorts or black jeans.


  1. Embrace current trends

Jump on board with the times; pick items that reflect today’s culture, like cropped jeans, embroidered T’s, and graphic jackets. A jacket like this one can create a dynamic juxtaposition for dressed-up events. A button-down shirt, bandage dress, ornate top will look more fun and elevated with this jacket over top. It can also enhance the street fashion sensibilities of vintage jeans and airy crop tops for casual moments. You’ll look classic and trendy at once, telling everyone around you a little bit about who you are without saying a word.

However you decide to style your denim jacket, we want it to reflect who you are. We hope you take risks and chase self-expression in every aspect of your life, including your fashion choices!


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