Meet Carla Leon - Voyage Miami

Meet Carla Leon - Voyage Miami
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Thanks for sharing your story with us Carla. So, let’s start at the beginning, and we can move on from there.

After having several years of experience as an entrepreneur, I was impelled to create an urban clothing brand to create awareness. With each of our pieces, we shout our thoughts with expressions, images, and stories to create consciousness.

This brand was born in a place like Soho, Wynnwood, and Brooklyn while thinking of all those emerging artists, creatives, musicians, and environmentalists who want to be the rebels of the XXI century. Our inspiration comes from an active lifestyle, and love for people and our Planet, it comes from the arts, the music, and creativity of brilliant minds.

Comfort Enoz is more than a fashion brand, it is a lifestyle and a way of living. We are rebels and want to invite everyone to join a protest, any protest! It is a call to review freedom and acceptance. We are people that are unsatisfied. But today, we step up and show everyone you don’t have to be satisfied with status quo.

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